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If Jack Had Book Review Round-up


“A violent, urban, first-person account of how an aged, cynical killer finds purpose, passion, and love in a harsh world. If Jack Had is a pulp-noir novel set apart by the cynicism and dry humor of the narrator, charismatic dialogue, and surprising warmth shining beneath the gritty subject matter.” -- Paige Van De Winkle, Foreword Reviews (5 stars)
“Rappaport’s direct, colorful style of storytelling suits this dark, gritty story. I was on edge through the entire book, leading to a surprising end. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys stories about assassins, Russian Mobs, and father son relationships.” -- MJ’s Marvelous Book Blog (5 stars)


“Extremely entertaining, and often tongue in cheek. If you like Woody Allen, you may want to find this one for your shelves.”  -- Reading Grrl (4 stars)
“A tremendously reflective, rollicking ride.”  -- Larry Hoffer, It’s Either Sadness or Euphoria (3 stars)
“Thought-provoking and Patricia Highsmith-like, If Jack Had backs readers into a corner.”  -- Rosebud Book Reviews (4 stars)
“Action-packed, emotion-filled and engrossing.” -- Games Fiends (4 stars)
“This is a gritty, no-holds-barred type of book that will not be for everyone, but those who love it will truly love it.” -- Ionia Martin, Readful Things (4 stars)
“Fun, a little weird, and makes you want to keeping reading.” -- Maureen's Books (4 stars)
“The story completely grabbed me.” -- Shelf Life (4 stars)
“A fast-paced tale with many layers if you look closely and read between the lines.” -- Cheryl M-M's Book Blog (4 stars)
“Bold and calculating. If you want to step off the curb of mainstream plots and dare crossing the street to the dark side, you will find If Jack Had to be an interesting departure from tales of good vs. evil.” -- Dianne Bylo, Tome Tender + Amazon Top 500 Reviewer (3 stars)
“Poignant from the outset [and] nicely written.” -- Keith Nixon, Crime Fiction Lover (3 stars)
“From chapter one I liked this story.” -- Andrew Wilson, Goodreads (4 stars)